Saturday, April 26, 2008

Decorating Dilemma

In the past few weeks I have finally found new bedding for our bedroom and both of the twins bedrooms. I have also picked up about 500 paint swatches and there is still no paint on the walls. Doug is running out of patience w/ me so I need to make some decisions here. The man is in the mood to paint, and once he gets going he could have all of these boring khaki rooms done in no time! I just can't make up my mind! So, I need some help? Where do you go for inspiration/ideas? I need to get my creative juices flowing w/ your help! We have so many rooms to paint, but I just can't decide on even ONE color yet! Help w/ our decorating dilemma!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Warning Gel Nails Highly Flammable!!!

So, it has been a pretty crazy day to say the least! I know 2 posts in one day and still no Hawaii- please forgive me! I came home ASAP from school because we are changing dish companies so we can finally have DVR-Yeah! The guy finally showed up around 1:15. I asked him how long it would take, and he said 3 to 5 hours, and we had to be here the whole time. So, I canceled our 4:30 doctor appointments, and figured we would still be able to go to church tonight. WRONG! The technician was here until 8:30 tonight!
The worst part is he stunk really bad! So, I am finally back to my title..... I lit candles all over the house to help w/ the smell. As I was lighting one Chris was talking to me and I was focusing on him instead of the lit match in my hand, and BOOM the end of my nail caught on fire. I quickly blew it out and no real damage other than it being black at the end and my finger a little sore! The stupid part is I just got my nails filled yesterday. The last thing I want to do is drag the twins back to the nail place to have this sucker fixed. Who would of thunk gel was that flammable?!
Crazy to be home on a Wednesday night. We took a walk/bike ride as we had eaten dinner early thinking we were headed to church. Cassi had a bad wipe out so we had to come home and have 2 bowls of ice cream each- that creamy stuff can heal a lot of wounds! All in all we made the best of our day-kind of nice to be home for a change! Especially if you don't torch your nails!

"You're Going to Miss This"

This is Doug's and my new motto around the home front. We got a little addicted to Celebrity Apprentice and this song really struck a chord with us. Our little people are growing up so fast. I think they all grew at least an inch while we were in Hawaii. But, back to the song whenever we get a little annoyed or overwhelmed w/ the demands of our kiddos we just say "You're Going to miss this!"
Last night was one of those "You're Going to Miss This" nights. We are still recovering from our trip and trying to catch up on everything (i will post pictures soon- check out doug's). Cassi and I had the opportunity to go see Broadway in Boise "Annie" and the boys went to see Spiderwick w/ their dad. Doug and I both wanted to just be home as we have not been home an evening since returning. We both had great nights w/ our kids. Cassi LOVED the play! She was totally into it! She loved all the singing and dancing. Mrs. Hannigan was absolutely hilarious- Cassi got such a kick out of her! She wanted to sit on my lap which I enjoyed every minute of! Thanks Nicole and Evan for the tickets!
Doug had a great night w/ the boys as well. He had the same privilege of holding Chris on his lap through the scary parts. It's kind of funny as that was one of the first things that we asked each other about the night-"How long was your lap empty?"
I absolutely love the ages of kids right now (i have loved every age though!) I can't imagine going to a play or a movie w/ out somebody on my lap! I really am going to Miss this!