Thursday, May 31, 2007

New at this

Heather and I have decided to start blogging. Yes, we have. The problem is Heather doesn't know how to use the computer very well, and I am horrible at grammar. So, maybe we can join forces and become the world's best bloggers.

Summer is arriving soon, and Heather and the kids are going to be home. Maybe I should refrase that, they will be at the pool. That is the nice thing about Heather being a teacher. Summers off!

We are really excited about some of the things we are doing this summer. We are going to Romania on a mission's trip. We will also be going to Colorado for a Pastor's conference. The entire family will get to go to that. It should be lots of fun! We are also going to attempt to camp this summer!? Is this a skill you can aquire?
So, how was that for a first timer?