Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break '08

So far it has been a great Spring Break, and just like everything else we do it has been busy! Let me just rewind and tell you about the Thursday before Spring Break. Since moving to Boise I have never been able to attend a Communion Service due to sick children. I thought this might be my year! The day had gone pretty smoothly meaning no chicken pox or vomiting. About two hours before service we took a walk/scooter ride/bike ride with our neighbors. We had a great time and walked them back to their house. As we were leaving their dog urinated all over Cassi. We immediately left, and came home and popped her in the bath. Jumped out of the bath, quickly dressed, and quickly began to give them all dinner. A few minutes after beginning to eat dinner another incident happened, and I am not going to mention names or circumstances-let's just say another bath was necessary. BUT-we made it to the Broadway parking lot by 6:29 YEAH! All the way there we were reviewing the service and what to expect (this was the twins first communion as they both just recently were saved).
One of the first things was a video with scenes from the Passion and it kept saying "It's Friday Sunday's a comin'!" It was very serious but, my kids totally missed the point. They were laughing their heads off. The man's inflection was a little more than they could handle- especially after about 40 times. Then came the bread! As it was being passed Cassi wondered loudly, "What is that stuff?" Of course all eyes were on us! Then Chris took a bite, and almost hurled. He has a terrible gag reflux and the taste was more than he could handle, but he swallowed it after much prompting. Then came the juice! This time Cassi wondered loudly, "Is this real blood?" Can I just say these were the fullest communion cups I have ever seen in my life! Somehow we made it through the prayer and everything without a spill. I was even stupid enough to wear brand new khakis. The whole service was worth while to stand with all three of my children belting out "Mighty to Save." Let's just say the whole crucifixion story was made real when I heard my children sing, "Jesus conquered the grave, Jesus conquered the grave!" It's moments like these that I savor as a mom!
So, on to Spring Break! Our family attended the Saturday night service at church as well as the Easter Egg Hunt. My kiddos had a great time and scored A LOT of candy! Trev even found a lucky ticket and got even more candy! It was an AWESOME service! I was totally impressed by the music and message, and was very happy that our neighbors came with us.
Sunday a.m. we got up and did Easter baskets (of course w/o Doug- I think he misses all of the fun stuff!) We then frantically packed up pretty much everything we own (or at least that is what it feels like)! As soon as Doug got home we headed to Baker to be with my family for Easter Dinner. We were very excited to have the Harrington family go with us for a couple of nights. We ate a great dinner of prime rib, ham, potatoes, asparagus, mom's homemade rolls, salads, and too many desserts! I am not sure if the kids ate as they were too busy 4-wheeling, jumping on the trampoline, playing hide and go seek, and terrorizing my mom's chickens. I think 34 people were at my parent's house!
On Monday the kids rode horses, 4-wheelers, and got to see new baby calves. The guys took the 4-wheelers into the mountains and had a great time (I think!)
Doug and the Harrington's headed back to Boise on Tuesday morning, and the kids and I decided to stay and enjoy a few more days of country life. I think Chris could just throw rocks into the pond for hours! We did drink our share of coffee as well (my mom owns a coffee shop), and my kids drink 2 or 3 drinks per day. It has to be better than pop right?!
My mom brought us back to Boise on Wednesday afternoon and spent the night. We had a great time shopping, eating, and spending a little more time with her! Thank you Mom-you are the BEST!
Now reality has set in- house to clean, laundry to do, report cards to start and finish, lesson plans for the next 3 weeks to start and finish, hair, nail, tanning and other various appointments to squeeze in before Maui next Thursday! Yes, that is right Maui next Thursday! Better go get busy! Where to start?
I failed to mention our Easter catastrophe! We colored eggs early on Saturday morning before Doug left. We threw everything in the trash and all went about our business. Our dog got in the trash and got left over Easter dye all over our carpet. The carpet guy is on his way today to try to remove it. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Connelly Happenings

Well life around here has been pretty crazy as usual! During the past few weeks we have been able to:
1. Start our new home team which we are absolutely loving!
2. Trevar received an award for diligence at school! We are soooo proud of him!
3. Hang out with some pretty groovy friends.
4. Attend 2 baby showers.
5. Purchase new bedding for our bedroom, and currently making plans for the big make over! (any help would be appreciated as this is not my strength!)
6. Reading daily with the twins so they can get a free pass to Roaring Springs. They are doing AWESOME!
7. Continuing to shop, plan, and tan for Hawaii!
8. Celebrated a few friends' b-days.
9. A fun unexpected visit from Uncle Drew and Auntie Christa.
10. Look, buy, return, buy.....Easter outfits....maybe we should just go for sweaters this year! Still not satisfied!
11. Celebrate St. Patty's Day w/ some sweet friends. We feasted on corned beef with cabbage and potatoes, Irish Soda Bread, green salad, rainbow fruit cups, and key lime pie. After dinner we went on a scavenger hunt leading to a chocolate pot of gold. What a fun night!
12. Everyday the weather has been permissable we have gone on a bike or scooter ride. We love sunny days!
What we will be up to the next few days:
1. Continue to shop, plan, and tan for Hawaii.
2. Make it through the last few days of school before Spring Break. My class has been off the wall this week! I am so glad when 12:15 rolls around and I am out of there! (I am normally not like this I actually LOVE my job, just not this week!)
3. Start and finish report cards-oh what fun!
4. Communion Service at church.
5. Easter Preparation-baskets, eggs, etc.
6. Head to Baker on Sunday for a few days. Hopefully 5 of our craziest friends will be headed to G-Ma Kiki's to have a wild time in the country.
Whew! Enough for now! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am not sure if it is that everyone has been under the weather recently or the fact that I have been a bit run down myself, but everyone around here sure has their quirkiness! My 3 kiddos are definitely 3 unique and opiniated individuals! Please don't misunderstand me- I am not complaining, just recognizing their differences!
I wish I had more time in my day to meet everyones quirky demands. For instance, one likes his breakfast the minute he arises, and the other 2 like it about 45 minutes later (most days they sleep until the last minute so its straight from the pillow to the plate). When it comes to food that is a whole new ballgame! One would be happy if he never had to eat again, another would live on chips and chocolate, and yet the other is pretty much happy with anything you throw his way. That is if it is at precisely the temperature that he desires. One quirk they all have is that NO food can touch!
On to clothing, one will wear about anything that I set out, another can't handle tags or seams, and the last one I never know what to expect. One MUST have socks on when he goes to bed, another NEVER wears socks to bed, and the last one it just depends on the day.
Oh yeah-then there are the goodnight quirks, the good bye quirks, the homework quirks, and no way would I even mention the bathroom quirks! How would I keep all of these things straight if I had more children?
All this quirky thinking made me so thankful that my heavenly Father loves me despite my own quirks! I am so thankful that he created us all differently, and yet he loves us so much!

Final thought:
After being sick for a few days Chris woke up and I asked him how he was feeling? I was a little scared to ask, but I knew that is what every good mother should and would do. He quickly replied, "I am feeling better! Yeah, Mom I'M BACK, I'M REALLY BACK!" I was glad I asked!