Monday, June 30, 2008


I can't believe a whole month has passed! June has been a very fun and incredibly busy month. We started off by finishing school, packing up all of my stuff to move to our new school, and most importantly celebrate Trev's 10th b-day.
The following week Trev headed to Junior camp, and had a GREAT time. While he has away the twins and I headed to Yakima to meet their new cousin. I am the very proud auntie of Rhyse Robert. He is extremely adorable and healthy. It was so fun to be able to spend a little time with him and my sis!
Upon returning from Yakima we actually spent a few days in town. Of course we were running every minute with daily visits to the pool, a visit to the Berry Ranch to pick some delicious strawberries, Meridian Dairy Days, baseball, and even visits to the library.
Doug headed to L.A. for a conference, so the kids decided to head to Baker to be with my family. We had an absolute GREAT time last week! At this point my kiddos think Baker is better than Disney! The kids had a great time kneeboading and tubing behind Papa's boat, fishing daily at the pond, swimming daily at the pond, biking into town, a beautiful 4-wheeler ride in the mountains, our own rodeo when we helped Papa move is pesky cows, gathering eggs, and of course daily visits to the coffee shop to feed their coffee addiction. The visit was great until about 9 p.m. the night before we were leaving. We were making s'mores and Cassi stepped on a red hot roasting stick and burnt the bottom of her foot. So, our trip was made complete with a quick visit to the E.R. For the record she is healing quite nicely- just no walking or swimming until Friday. There is a new shoes at all times rule at our house!
So, far we have had an absolutely wonderful summer! Amongst all of the craziness mentioned above Chris played a great baseball season. His last game was on Saturday and he recieved the Golden Glove Award for the season. It was so much fun to watch him play!
I don't think the kids have been to bed before 10 once since school was out! We are all enjoying a more relaxed schedule! We are also looking forward to a fun 4th of July outing w/ some great friends!

Monday, June 9, 2008

a school year ends, a b-day celebration, and bring on summer!

List format of the highlights from the past week:
Tues.-b-day dinner for T. @ P.F. Chang's.
Wed.- last day of school- Apache helicopter landing on playground and freezing cold picnic. attempting to pack up classroom-still have A LOT to do!
Thurs.-attempted to pack up some more, attended teacher shindig to say goodbye to everyone. pool party/sleepover- whew we made it through! i think everyone had fun?! little man a little grumpy the next day w/ no sleep! i actually made ice cream cake and they ate it! i do have a little martha in me! (i wanted to buy it but, little man wanted home made!)
Fri.- clean destroyed house, costco run, movie. actually felt like summer break!
Sat. -baseball game for chris- it was a cold one, but my little boy was smoking hot! i love to watch him play! b-day party @ boondock's. sat. night service and pizza and strawberry shortcakes w/ friends. doug spent the day @ paint the town. microwave stopped working today-how am i going to make it w/ out that thing?
Sun.- lunch w/ friends. hit the pool just long enough to totally freeze my kids out. went father's day shopping by myself. family bike ride. boys got haircuts. went and got frozen yogurt together.
Plan for the week:
Mon.- Trev heads to camp @ 1 p.m. yard work, go to school and work for a bit. home team @ our house, little man has a baseball game at the same time. i guess i am facilitating?
Tues.-Try to finish up at school. Possible date night w/ hubby?!
Wed.- a few dr. appointments. hopefully i don't have to go back to school today!
Thurs.- go watch doug play in an event w/ his band. we are his biggest fans! hoping to hit graples since i will be out in nampa. love that place!
Fri.-T. returns from camp-YEAH! i guess this means i have to give his electric scooter back. i must say that was a pretty good b-day gift! mama likey!
****this whole week is subject to cancellation. the minute my sis goes into labor we are headed to yakima!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

10 years old

just saying those words tears my heart in two. i knew this b-day was going to be tough...but not like this. in fact, it hit me last fall as i was driving to church that trev's next b-day would be a double digit and i started crying like a baby.

where do i begin? i guess that is getting over my own emotions and celebrating trev. yes, this day is special! what can i say no other little man has quite changed my world quite like my trev. he is simply amazing. he has to be the most inquisitive person i have ever met, hence the pet name "turbo." sometimes his questions come so fast my brain is still processing question #1 and he is on to #3! his inquisitive nature will surely take him great places. i am just glad i get to be part of the journey.

not only is trev a great conversationalist, but also has a very tender heart for others. he is always befriending those around him that need a little encouragement. his prayer requests often break my heart as he truly shows compassion and empathy for others. he has intuition beyond his years!

there have only been a couple of times that trev was not beaming as i tucked him in at night. everyday seems to be the best day ever! his positive attitude and love for life are contagious. i am so thankful he keeps my heart and attitude in check-everyone loves an optimist (especially this sometimes pessimist!)

i am truly the luckiest mommy in the world to be your mommy! you make my days brighter, my load lighter, and my life fuller. God has truly blessed you with some amazing talents and gifts, and it is my prayer that you use them to honor and glorify Him. happy 10th B-day my handsome, kind, intelligent, compassionate, generous, hardworking, responsible TREVAR! i can't wait to celebrate you all weekend long! P.F. Jame's was a great way to start the festivities!