Wednesday, August 27, 2008

answered prayer

my dad made it through his triple by-pass great today. i appreciate all of the prayers and support that have been shown to my family and i. please continue to pray for him tomorrow as this is when the pain really kicks in. God is so amazing and truly has had his hand upon this whole situation. we are so thankful for his protection upon dad! now we are just praying for a speedy recovery and to get out of i.c.u. quickly!

Friday, August 22, 2008

my dad

this week my world has been shaken. last week my family and i had a great time biking, boating, eating, and sitting by the pool in mccall. last week my dad was a wild man trying out the new wakeboard and chasing his 4 grandchildren around, this week we found out he has to have triple by-pass open heart surgery. yes, i am typing that! he went from having episodes of chestpain/breathing difficulty to surgery in a 24 hour period.

God truly has had his hand on this whole situation. he sent my parents to the right doctors at the right times. if the blockage would of gone undetected much longer things would not look so promising.
so, as you can imagine my dad is on my heart. he such an amazing man. he has always been my superhero and my knight and shining armor. as a child i won everytime when i played the "my dad is better than your dad one up game." it's pretty hard to one up someone that has brains, good looks, and is an exceptional athlete. throw in the fact that he is hardworking, kind, spontaneous, and funny- you have an unbeatable combination.
he has made so many sacrifces for myself and the rest of our family. he is the most unselfish person that i know. my dad is the rock in our family. i have never seen him get worked up about much, even as as rebellous teenager he never once lost his cool with me.
he stands firm in the word of God. he has truly shown himself faithful, and has reaped the benefits of standing firm in what he knew was truth.
my children absolutely adore their papa. i absolutely love to watch and listen to them interact with him. he always takes time for the teachable moments. he is never too busy to meet their demands, and those range from making papa's pancakes for breakfast to spending hours on the 4-wheeler. papa has even managed to be the one stuck doing cassi's hair (by the way it turned out great).
on aug. 27th my family would covet your prayers as my dad goes in for surgery. we are asking and seeking that God would be with our "Rock."