Sunday, January 3, 2010

01.02.10 Happy 3rd B-day Ruby Ava

Happy B-day my precious girl! I have not known you long, but it feels like I've never been without you. Since I first learned of you I have wanted nothing more than to be your mommy, and to love you like I love your brothers and sister. After two long years my prayers were finally answered. You my girl were worth every minute we had to wait for you. You truly complete our family.
I love being your, "Fat Mommy." I love your silliness, and how affectionate you are. When you crawl in bed with me you truly melt my heart. I just want to eat your chubby arms up! I "luff" you even when you pick your boogers and eat them. I would protect you from nice and mean "monsers" any day of the week. I promise to always share my "lip chappick" with you forever, or at least until your old enough to have your own. Oh yeah....and when ever you are hungry don't forget Mommy always has a "nack" for you. If it's your b-day I might even have a "cutcake" for you. My life is sweeter because you are a part of it!
Happy B-day my precious gem!