Monday, January 28, 2008

Yee Haw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We started off the weekend on Friday night with our annual Worship Team Party. We decided on a western theme and the food, decorations, games, and attendance all came together for one heck of a party! There was some mighty fine lookin' authentic cowboy and cowgirl attire worn at this shindig!
So, amongst all of the games their was a little presentation made to Douglas, but first I must give you a little back ground info. About a year ago Douglas was informed by a media person that he had pit stains. So, needless to say he has become a little self conscious about this issue. I have purchased deodorant that costs over $10. Every time Doug buys a shirt he tries a spit test on the fabric to see if it will be a keeper! In fact, last time we were at Dillard's shirt shopping Cassi asked, "Dad are you going to spit on the shirt arm pits again?"
So, back to the presentation.... A certain sound guy began to tell how one day he saw D. up on stage with his arms straight out, and asked D. what he was doing? D. said he was just airing 'em out! So, this certain sound man designed my husbands life saving contraption--suspenders with built in armpit fans (see picture above). I am sure these will be seen in one of the services at Broadway in the future as pit stains are definitely unacceptable!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

What does Marvelous mean?

As we were driving home from church last night we decided to say our "good nights" en route as we were a bit behind bedtime schedule. This was due to my 3 rock stars being glued to watching their dad practice with the worship team. They love to go give him a hug (as they don't see him at all on Wed.) and listen to him sing/play/etc.
Back to the story....we are driving home and everyone is saying very meaningful and heartfelt prayers. I am thinking this is great as Douglas has really been working with them on saying prayers that they actually mean, and not they same thing day after day. So, one item that was deleted from the prayer list was praying for a "fun day" everyday. All three made it through with out mentioning "fun." However, the minute Chris finished praying he asks, "Mom what does marvelous mean?" Trevar and I proceeded to define the word for Chris. Silence..... "Mom I want every day to be MARVELOUS! I think God wants us to make everyday Marvelous... don't you? Marvelous is way better than fun!"
I can tell you up until today I have never prayed for a MARVELOUS day, but I started today. I have often asked God to help me make it through the day, or just make this day be over, and occasionally please don't let this day ever end. I think my asking has been a little below the mark, as we receive what we ask for. I realized from my 6 year old that I often underestimate God and his power. Of course he wants us to have MARVELOUS days! So, if Doug allows we will now be praying for Marvelous days!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Have you called Jenny Yet?

so much to blog about so little time... life is good, just a little busy at the moment. we had a wonderful weekend with my sis, mom and sis in law-maternity shopping for sis, eating, and playing games! i LOVE family!
in spite of my lack of time i must share this story! yesterday the twins and i were sitting on the couch watching t.v. as i was supposed to be reading 3 chapters from the class i am taking. a jenny craig commercial came on and cassi asked me if i had called jenny yet? i was a little stunned and replied, "no, i haven't but should i?" She quickly responded, "no, but dad should." This morning i was doing cassi's hair for school in our bathroom and doug had his shirt off. cassi was looking at him, and suddenly blurted out, "dad, have you called jenny yet?" i thought i was going to die! needless to say douglas was a little shocked, but took it very well! what are we going to do with this girl?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

On to a New Year

It's astonishing to think that another year has come and gone. I have to admit that 2007 was probably one of the most painful years for me personally, so I am not all that sad it has come to an end. So, instead of remembering 2007 by the hurts I am going to chalk it up to a year of growth and lessons learned, and today I am going to celebrate the victories. I have faith that 2008 is going to be GREAT!!
2007 Victories/Celebrations:
-Cassi and Chris celebrated their 6th B-day Baseball Style. What a fun party!!!
-Trevar celebrated his 9th B-day splashing away with his buddies in the pool!!!
(Does that mean he is going to turn 10 this year???)
-Doug and I celebrated 9 great years of marriage! I love you Babe!!
-Doug and I were able to take our first Missions trip together to Romania.
-We were able to take several fun trips together including the Oregon Coast, Seattle, Colorado, camping, McCall, Baker (several times), and Salt Lake City.
-Chris lost his first tooth, and one more. Cassi is still trying to loosen hers so she can catch up- TWINS!!!
-We survived our first season of baseball with all 3 playing injury free!!!
-Trevar made his first attempt at both water and snow skiing. (Again, no injuries!)
-No names mentioned, but someone got a really bad haircut by a certain sibling and the damage has finally grown out!
-We are finally able to take a bike ride with out training wheels-both Cassi and Chris can ride with out them now! I don't think Doug will ever get the hang of it!!!
-Cassi, Chris, Trev, and I are all able to go to the same school right around the corner from our house. I am so blessed to have a job I love so much at the same school as my kiddos.
-After 3 years Chris was exited from eating therapy-and Praise God he continues to improve daily!
-Cassi and Chris are excelling in reading!!!
-We survived the Crypto parasite and it only took the twins about 2 months to gain back all of the weight they lost.
-On Christmas my sister Kati announced she is expecting!!! Finally a BABY!!!!
-Douglas continues to amaze me with his talent and passion as a Worship Pastor. God truly continues to bless his ministry!!
So, as you can see from the list it was a pretty great year! I guess I just needed to make a list, and get things into perspective!! God has truly been with our family this year, and blessed us in ways I could of never thought possible. He has done the "impossible" more than a few times over the past 12 months. He continues to bless us with wonderful friends and family that truly enrich our lives.