Monday, March 2, 2009

Mr. Motivation

Okay....I have been feeling SOOOO lazy lately! Could it be because I am married to Mr. Motivation?! My man has a serious case of MOTIVATION! He is working like crazy at church and amazing things are happening, working on his Masters, and recently decided to run a half marathon with a good pal. It is crazy to see someone that used to not enjoy running, run 4 miles and read half a book in a day. Running and reading have never been a part of his vocabulary in the 14 years that I have known him. I am so thankful for the healthy example that Douglas is setting for our children!
I have recently had to remind myself that God's plans for those around me are not his plans for me. So, all that to say I am not running a half marathon. I am pretty content with my new exercise regimen at the gym. I am also not going to pursue my Masters at this point (even though I have more than half of my hours). God has really been working on me and helping me to be more disciplined in my own spiritual life. My motivation is my family. I want to be a God fearing woman that serves my family with joy. I have realized that my problem has been that I have no goals. There is no finish line or degree earned at the end. So, my goal this week is to set some goals. I think I might ask Doug for a little help as he seems to set some pretty high ones lately!