Monday, August 27, 2007

The First Day of School

Well, we all made it through the first day of school! I can hardly believe my babies are in Kindergarten, and my Trev is a big THIRD GRADER! I had to head to school early to prepare for my 22 Kindergartners, and Doug brought the 3 kiddos. He had to sit through Kindergarten Orientation with the twins. Before leaving this morning I reminded Trev that his lunch money, and all of his signed forms were in his backpack. Needless to say everything is still in his backpack, and lunch was payed for with left over money from last year. I guess it runs in the family because I told Doug that all of Cassi and Christopher's signed forms were in there backpacks, but he forgot and filled out a whole new set for both of them. So much for listening to MOM! My fellow staff must think I am really on the ball!
WE hit the pool for the 4th day in a row! It was a great way to end the first day of school!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Romania Mission Trip

Well, we have been back from Romania for 2 weeks now, and I finally have time to write about it! It has been a little chaotic around here since our return. Doug's family left last Sunday, I have spent many hours setting up my Kindergarten classroom, and we made a trip to McCall.

Back to the trip- Doug and I had a great time in Romania. It was really neat to see and be a part of the work that is going on in there. We were able to help out with a spiritual growth camp for teenagers ages 14-20. There were over 400 campers in attendance the week that we were there. They traveled from all over the country, some even had a 24 hour train ride!

Doug was able to help out with the music, and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen helping prepare food for all of those hungry campers. I do not think American kids would of gone for the food that was served. Liver pate for breakfast anyone? Almost every meal other than breakfast was soup and bread. I don't think I want a piece of bread for a long time!

Trip Hi lights:

Most exciting moment: Seeing many teenagers make decisions for Christ

Scariest moment: riding on slick, curvey Romanian roads at high speeds (this is where a lot of prayer came in as the camp was four hours from the airport)

Most distgusting moment: The Romanian BBQ- They brought a live pig to the camp in a horse drawn cart. The pig was then stabbed to death and cut up in about 1 hour. We walked down to the kitchen during the process and there was blood and parts everywhere. The pigs head was sitting in the sink where all of the dishes were washed. About an hour later we were told that the BBQed pork was ready. After what I saw in the kitchen I had absolutely zero appetite. Even Doug with the cast iron stomach had trouble choking it down, although he did and enjoyed it.

Most relaxing moment: Taking my first hot shower in a week! On our way back we had to spend the night in Bucharest at a very nice Crowne Plaza. The first thing I did was take a steaming hot 45 minute shower!

Most eye opening moment: Traveling through the towns and villages of Romania and seeing how the people live. Most of them live in communist appartments, or very tiny rustic houses. We are so blessed to live in America!

Most tiring moment:

TRAVELING!!! Our trip itenerary- 5 hour flight, 6 hour lay over, 8 hour flight, 6 hour lay over, 5 hour flight, 4 hour lay over, 1 hour flight, and then the scariest 4 hour drive of our lives!

Thank you so much for remembering us in your prayers while we were away. We are so thankful that God allowed us to take this trip. We learned a lot and our hearts were truly burdened for missions in a new and exciting way.