Friday, April 10, 2009


I have to say that I LOVE Easter! It is such humbling time to remember what my Savior did upon the cross. I love the newness and freshness of spring however, it kind of crept up on me this year. I wish that I had some better items to put in my kiddos baskets, but at least I do have a few things. I have Easter dress(es) for my girl, new shirts for the boys, and Doug will be stylin' in green.
We had so much fun coloring eggs tonight together! The kids have been begging to do it all week. Tonight was the night! Our eggs.....well they are colorful to say the least!
More important than eggs, new clothes, and Easter baskets we have had some great discussion this week. I think my kids are really starting to understand the importance of Easter, and what it means to them personally. Chris wanted to know if Jesus would of died for just his sins? He was so happy and relieved to know that Jesus loves him that much. Trev soaked up every bit of our communion service at church. He really took it so seriously! He has been full of questions since Wednesday night. It was priceless to hear my kids belt out, "Nothing but the blood of Jesus." Let's just say I bawled like a baby through the whole song. I think they really began to understand what that blood did for them. Cass attempted to hand out cards to all of her friends inviting them to church. She told me she wanted all of her friends to learn about Jesus and come to the Easter Egg Hunt.
The five of us will be doing a card board testimony together this weekend at church. My kids are really excited to be able to share the story of how God brought us together. I am so thankful to serve a risen Savior that is still performing miracles even in the lives of my own family!
I hope that you have a blessed Easter!