Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fab 5 fightin'

okay i have to admit i am a lover not a fighter! i have never much been into wrestling, boxing, karate, or really any of the martial arts. i just don't like to watch people hit or kick each other. however, for the rest of my fam it is a different story. my kids are all excited for basketball to end so they can start karate (much to my dismay). they have been recording and watching all of the karate kid movies lately.
the twins have always enjoyed trying to take each other down. especially when encouraged by their father and older brother. the smack downs usually occur right before bedtime, so that everyone is wound up like no other! smack downs at our house consist of the twins grabbing each others arms and trying to push/pull each other down. there is only a half pound difference in weight, so it is actually a pretty fair fight. doug and trev cheer and guard all of the sharp objects and corners so that the contestants are not hurt. the score of the last fight was 2 to 1 with Cassi the champion. however, she was injured in the smack down. she got a bruise on her shoulder, but it was the kind of bruise that you can not see (at least that is what she said). her shoulder was also "swollened" on the inside. while tucking her in after her victory she told me not to tell anyone, but that she was a tom boy. she decided that she no longer wanted to do gymnastics or ballet just be a fighter.
i have been a soccer mom, a baseball mom, a swim lesson mom, a tumbling mom, a basketball mom.....but i can't do this martial arts mom thing. if i hear one more, "I'm gonna take you down." i might scream! i have to admit i love to watch the twins do their little smack downs in their p.j.'s, but i just don't want them learning real moves so they can really hurt each other!
please don't tell cassi that i blogged she was a tom boy, or for that matter chris that i told you a girl beat him in smack down. i would be in so much trouble!

Friday, February 13, 2009

life and 30 days to live

well....i guess it was about Christmas time that i last blogged. i am thankful that we did have our "Christmas slow down" because we have literally been running since then. our year has been off to a great start. we have made lots of "healthful" changes around our house. doug and i joined the gym and we are all eating more healthfully! i am SO proud of douglas, and love going to work out with him. i am so thankful for the example that he is setting for our children.
a lot of our time recently has been consumed with the boys playing upward b-ball and cassi cheering. they are all enjoying it and doug and i are having a great time spectating. they are all about ready to start an after school program as well. trev is going to be in a boise children's theater production, chris in more b-ball, and cassi in an art class. never a dull moment around here! that was the life part! in a nutshell we are all doing great just trying to make the most of everyday, and that is where the 30 days to live part comes into play. i am really enjoying the new series that we started at church. even before we started the series this was really what i pondered upon during the "Christmas slow down." this year i am really trying to make the most of every minute. i am trying to be more positive. most importantly i am trying to rely on Him more. as the book that i am currently reading states i am "connecting to the vine" instead of trying to be the vine. okay, so it is already the middle of february and i wish i had this all down by now, but i don't. i am just so thankful that God has not given up on me, and continues to work in, and bless my life on a daily basis. i am thankful for the new perspective that he has given me, and how i have been able to enjoy some precious moments with my fam that i might of previously missed out on. the work out discipline has definitely helped my spiritual discipline to be better this year. well i am off to play w/ my kiddos instead of doing the much needed laundry...priorities right?! if i only had 30 days to live clean clothes would be the bottom of my list!