Friday, June 29, 2007

Our Happy Camper Returns Home!!!

Trevar returned this afternoon from Kids Kamp at Warm Lake with our church. He had a wonderful time making friends, swimming, catching bugs and other interesting creatures, building dams, playing games, touching a real sword, getting little sleep, taking few showers, not brushing his teeth, and losing half of what he took up to camp.

I must admit it has been very lonely this week without him! Not that the twins and I sat around and cried about missing Trev. Not us, we had adventures of our own! We actually went to Baker City on Sunday and met up with my parents. We jumped in their Suburban and headed to Yakima to spend the night with my sis. The twins had a great time with their Auntie Kati! We woke up early the next morning to head to Seattle. We literally did it all in one day. We started off at Pike's Market and gorged ourselves on everything imaginable, headed up the big hills to do a little shopping at Westlake, rode the Monorail to Seattle Center, went to the top of the Space needle, more shopping at Pike's, strolled down to the Wharf to eat yet some more famous Seattle grub, walked around Pioneer Square, and then headed to the Mariner's Game. Chris and my brother Will stood in line to get their Mariner's balls autographed and were successful. What a fun filled day! The twins were quite the little troopers, my mom and I estimated they walked at least 5 miles. After the game we headed back to Yakima to stay with my sis again. We did not arrive until about 1:30 a.m. We were up again the next morning to head back to Baker first, and then the twins and I hopped in the car to head back to Boise just in time for Home Team.

On Wednesday we headed up to Kamp ourselves to check on big brother. We had a great day with him, and yes we learned he was doing fine with out us! Chris and Cassi had a great time playing the big kid games. It was hard for Chrisanna and I to convince all of our little ones to get in the car to come home at the end of the day! We did contemplate leaving them with Keith though!

We are so thankful for the great week that it turned out to be! We celebrated being reunited tonight by going to a movie. I think the cutest part of the whole day was watching my children exchange the gifts/treasures they had brought back for one another. God has truly blessed us with wonderful children! What am I going to do when they all go to camp? Go as a counselor...No I think I'll just...well who knows!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Eight was GREAT, but Nine is DIVINE!

Trevar turned 9 on June 4th and we were able to celebrate his birthday for a whole week. It all started on our camping trip, and the celebration continued for a whole week until his pool party. He was able to invite his closest friends to swim in our subdivision pool. They had a great time jumping on the trampoline, swimming, shooting hoops, diving for rings, eating tie dyed cupcakes, and sipping on root beer floats. We all had a great time celebrating Trev's b-day!

Monday, June 11, 2007

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Oh A Camping We Will Go!!!!

After almost nine years of marriage Doug finally talked me into going camping. It wasn't too hard as the kids were totally into the idea of sleeping in a tent and eating S'mores. I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it actually turned out to be.
We we were able to talk the Harrington Family into going with us, and had an absolute great time with them. Thank goodness Chrisanna brought her camera so we could remember this monumental event. Doug stole these pics from her!
Our trip included throwing rocks, eating s'mores, throwing rocks, going to the hot springs, throwing rocks, finding glow sticks in the dark forest, roasting hot dogs, sitting by the camp fire until early in the morning hoping the six kiddos would finally stay asleep for the night, an extraordinary breakfast by Chef Keith, and of course more throwing rocks! As you can tell it doesn't take much to entertain our kids just dirt, rocks, bugs, and some type of water and they are good to go.
Another cool bonus to a fabulous trip was that Trevar turned nine. We were able to celebrate his b-day while on our trip, and he even got to try out his new fishing pole. I wish I could tell you that he caught dinner, but we had to eat hot dogs. Poor us!
After all that fun I soon discovered the downside of camping, and that is unpacking. I had to either clean or pitch everything that went with us to Pine Flats!
Needless to say I think we might try to sneak another camping trip or two in this summer, especially since we now own all of the stuff! Thanks Harrington's for a great time!

Friday, June 1, 2007

We Can Eat Butt We Just Can't Say It!

The other day I was doing household chores, so I flipped on Paula Dean. Since I don't cook it is entertaining to watch someone who can. I left the T.V. on and moved to my next job on the agenda. The twins came in from outside and plopped down and began watching. Pretty soon I heard them talking about eating butt. Cassi said, "I can't believe people actually eat butt. Mom won't even let us say that word." Christopher continued with, "I bet butt is so gross!" My ears perked right up as we have been telling them the word is inappropriate. Of course like any mother would do, I went roaring in and told them not to say the "word". After watching for a few minutes myself I realized that Paula Dean was making pork butt.
We then proceeded to have a conversation about how the butt, or rump of the animal is where all of the good meat that we eat is from. Cassi piped up, "So, we can eat butt, but we just can't say it!"

Baseball is over!

It is done! It has been a crazy spring. We have been at the field almost every night since spring break. It is crazy how much they play! Having 3 kids playing on 2 teams, now that's a lot of baseball.

I was able to help coach the twins t-ball. I forgot how funny it is to watch those little guys play, but we had a good time. Christopher was so serious and into playing his best. Cassi on the other hand was more into picking grass in the outfield or playing in the dirt. Chris was constantly coaching his sis to do better! It didn't seem to make much of a difference though! They both did a great job hitting the ball off the tee.

Trevar improved a lot through out the season. He started the year not sure what he was doing, but got better as the season progressed. I think they all had fun.

We are just glad it is over so we can start eating dinner as a family once in a while! Also, the pool in our sub. has opened so we have bigger and better things to do other than baseball!

Just the 5 of us!