Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy B-day Douglas!!!!!!!!!

This post is a few days early, but if I don't do it now I won't get it done before we leave for Christmas. You see, this is usually what happens- Doug's B-day gets lost in the Holiday shuffle! It's not that I do not want to honor him on his big day it's just that after buying all of the Christmas gifts for EVERYONE my brain is totally BLANK of any additional ideas, and it's gotten even worse since we had our kids.
So, today Douglas I honor you for your B-day! I was thinking back today and I think this is the fourteenth year I have been privileged to celebrate with you!
Thank you for being:
1. A man of Godly character. Thank you for modeling this everyday for the kids and I.
2. A man of integrity. I am glad that our kids have an example of someone that sticks to his word no matter what.
2. A man of sacrifice and hard work for your family and those around you. Thank you for working so hard to provide for our family. Also, for using your talents to honor and glorify the Lord.
3. The most incredible Dad in the world that loves and cherishes all of us. You are truly our kiddos "Superhero." I love to watch and listen to them imitate you when you are not here.
So, have a great one Babe! I am truly privileged and honored to journey through this life by your side. Not a day goes by that I am not amazed by your love for the Lord, love for all of us, empathy, support, patience, diligence, talent, wisdom, sense of humor, and zeal for life.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Well, I can finally say after watching my three FANTASTIC kiddos and their AWESOME Dad in their Christmas program three times I am finally in the Christmas spirit. I am truly inspired and excited to celebrate my dear Savior's birth this year. I am not sure if it was the beautiful singing, the kicking band, or the cute kiddos but God really got a hold of my heart! I have just had such a hard time getting into the spirit- I have dreaded shopping, decorating, wrapping, and attending functions up until now. I guess I have a week to really Christmas it up!
So, back to Newborn- it was great! I LOVED all of the music that Douglas selected. He always stresses so much about how everything is going to flow: music, narration, dance, lights, sound, etc. Just like every year all of his planning, hard work, stress, practice, and delegating turn out for the glory of God!
I must say that Chris and Trev knew every single word of every single song that the kids sang, and they belted the words out. Cassi, on the other hand was terrified on stage! She also participated in a little interpretive dance and actually made it through the whole song all three times. Doug and I were not sure if she would be able to do it?!
Yes, I will have pictures posted soon-but not in my children's Christmas attire! We tried their outfits on late Friday night and were not very successful. I thought I was so organized this year as I had shopped early and purchased the boys 2 outfits (neither fit), and Cassi 3 dresses (1fit). So much for planning ahead! The good part is they all looked adorable anyway!
I will end with this- BRING ON CHRISTMAS!!!!!