Friday, October 23, 2009

Where's the Cassi?

The other day Cassi, Ruby, and I were having a Girls Day at the mall and Target. As we were walking by the jewelry store I looked down at my filthy ring and watch and decided it was time for a good cleaning. So, the three of us headed into the jewelry store, which in Cassi's opinion is so boring compared to Claire's. Claire's has so much more selection!
I was trying to keep the girls occupied while the lady worked her magic on my jewelry. I quickly looked over at the jewelry case and saw a ruby. I quickly pointed it out to Ruby hoping she might be interested. She got right up to the case glanced at it and asked, "Where's the Cassi?" I could of died laughing!
It was quite an adventure keeping them both happy and entertained! The Target nachos and chocolate ice cream did help to keep them content for a while!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two months

Well it's been about 2 months, so I guess it's time to blog again. These past two months have absolutely thrown me for a loop....but in a good way. Two months ago I only had three kiddos, now I have four, yeah FOUR! At times I still can't believe it either! I am now one of those moms with more kids than arms. I am now one of those moms that can no longer drive just any vehicle...we are officially a BIG family.
This morning I was laying in a hospital bed with my littlest gem trying to get her to rest, and once again I became completely overwhelmed. God has been so good to myself and our family. We have honestly experienced another miracle in our lives. It's been a process, but it is still a miracle.
The loop I have been on...well let's just say it's a 2.5 year old....need I say more?! My days are now full of sippy cups, giving "cany" every time she potties in the potty (she is already pooping in the potty), chasing, bargaining with her for just about everything, taking a baby jogger or stroller EVERYWHERE, getting about a 1,000 hugs and kisses each day, never being able to go to the bathroom or take a shower by myself, cuddling on the couch, being able to read to someone that doesn't notice when I make up my own stories instead of reading them verbatim, and the list goes on! God has shown me these past two months that I definitely had room in my heart for one more precious gem! He has blessed me beyond measure with four amazing children.
I guess by the next time I blog I better come up w/ a new name. Poor Ruby Duby is so left out...maybe the Sweet Six?