Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is it ever going to slow down?

I have not blogged in a while, but life has been so hectic I can't even remember what all has been going on. Don't get me wrong I love to stay busy, but it has just been down right crazy around here! Douglas and I were discussing the idea of me teaching full time next year, and I just don't know how I would get everything done. More importantly than that, I feel like I would miss out on so much with my babies! I keep having this nightmare that they are grown up and gone, and I have missed the entire thing.
Crazy Connelly Occurrences:
-A trip to the E.R. with Chris for an ear infection. After a few days on antibiotics he is doing great!
-A very congested Trevar finally on the mend! Mom got smart and started the allergy meds! Who would of thought we needed to start in February?
-A fun night at Married Life Live! (Even thought I was not able to sit with my hubby!)
-We have been enjoying the nicer weather by riding scooters, bikes, playing baseball, and the all time favorite jumping on the trampoline. I love that it is lighter when I am walking in the mornings, and not quite soooo cold!
-Trying to sneak in a little family time between events!
-Shopping for necessities for our quickly approaching Hawaii trip- note to self start tanning soon!
-Enjoying time with friends and family! Thanks for stopping by Papa and Uncle Drew!
So, now it is just time to brace myself for another week of something every night! On the bright side, my hubby caught up the laundry yesterday. You rock babe!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

So in LOVE!!!!!!!!

Can I just say that I LOVE Valentine's Day (pronounced Valemtime's Day at our house)? It is such a fun day to show those that I love the most just how much I love them! We had a fun morning before the kids went to school going through their goodies. Cassi wanted to know if there was a V-day fairy or bunny? I didn't really know what to say, so I just told her there was a V-day Mommy that loved her very much.
The kids had a great time at their school parties, and of course got WAY too much candy! Tonight we are going to have shrimp per the kids request. We are also going to finally decorate our V-day cookies. Chris said we have to eat all of them tonight, because tomorrow is not V-day and they will be old and nasty. I am all for celebrating, but that is a lot of sugar!
As for my sweetie, he kind of got a raw deal. All I can think about is going to Hawaii with him in 7 weeks! I can hardly wait to celebrate our 10th!
So, to the ones I love more than anything Happy V-day Doug, and the 3 best kids in the whole wide world. You all make me the happiest Mommy ever! My heart overflows even more so today than usual! I can't wait to have a fun dinner together tonight!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I am happy to report to you that my little man Chris accepted Christ last night at AWANA! Doug and I have both known that it was about to happen, but I sure wasn't expecting it last night. Both of the twins have been asking tons of questions for about the last 9 months, but we have just not pushed the issue. We want this to be a decision that they make totally on their own.
The reason I know that it was completely genuine is because he missed game time to go pray with his leader. If you know my little man at all you would know that he lives for any kind of game or sport. I am so thankful he was willing to listen to the Holy Spirit!
Mrs. Smith came and told me as I was picking them up, and she was almost as elated as I. We then had to go over and interrupt Worship Team Practice to tell his father.
Last nights theme happened to be sports night. I was running around like a crazy woman trying to find everyone jerseys, hats, baseball pants, etc. I did not give them my typical speech about listening and trying to apply what they heard to their lives. I was more worried about what sports attire they were wearing!
Thank you Lord for answering my prayer when I least expected it!