Sunday, October 14, 2007


Well a lot has happened since our last post over a month ago! We have all healed from the crypto parasite that hit our house, and now we have moved on to much more fun things like sinus and ear infections. Three of us our currently on meds and hopefully on the mend.

We are all having a great school year! The twins absolutely love Kindergarten and are doing really well. Trev is doing well in Third Grade as well!

We were able to get away to Baker the last weekend in September. We had a great time 4-wheeling at the cabin. The following weekend we were able to get away for a few days to SLC. We had a great time as our friends the Harrington's were able to go with us. We went to Park City and hit the oulets (girls) and some went to Olympic park (boys and 6 kids), a really cool restaurant called Mayan Adventure (a must w/ kiddos), IKEA 3 times, and The Children's Museum. Our kids had a great time swimming at the hotel as well. Did I mention IKEA three times? We bought everything to redecorate and furnish Christopher's room and fit it into the Harrington's vehicle and ours! It was a tight squeeze- thanks for riding home squished Harrington Kiddos! You guys are the best!

This weekend we made our way to Linder Farms in the rain. We had a great time with the staff picking out pumpkins, riding on the cow train, feasting on chili and cornbread, and painting pumpkins. Now we just have to find the time to carve the others!

Funnies Kid Quotes in the past month:

Trevar- "Why do I need to memorize math facts you don't need to know them to be a rancher?" (Just so you know Trevar is going to be a rancher in Baker City, OR when he grows up.)

Chris- "When I grow up I don't want to be a Worship Pastor like my dad, I'll let him sing and I will just dance." (I am not sure if there is room up on the platform for 2 Connelly's at once?)

Cassi- "Mom, you can't tell kids in my class what to do! (I was out on recess duty and some of the kids in the twins Kinder. class were misbehaving so I had to go break up the fight.)