Wednesday, August 5, 2009


A couple of weeks ago Doug and I, and our good friends were talking about how our lives had turned out so far. We were discussing what we might have thought if we would of been allowed to see little snapshots of what our future looked like.
To be totally honest I never in a million years would of thought that my life would of turned out like this. I never in a million years thought being the wife of a full time pastor, and a mother of four would be what God had planned for my life. Now don't think for a minute that I am disappointed or would have it any other way. It's just a little different than I expected. The part that is radically different is the joy and contentment that I experience daily. I truly believe that God has poured out his blessings upon my family and I in a miraculous way. Trust me we have had our share of heartaches and pain just like everyone else, but God continues to work in our lives.
In my younger years I never would of imagined that my life could possibly be so blessed, and yet so simple. I honestly thought that money and a successful career would bring me happiness rather than my faith in Christ and my precious family.
God has done amazing things in my life this summer. It has been a summer that I will never forget as long as I live. As a family we have become SO much closer. I am finally getting the principle of God, Doug, kids and the results are amazing. I am not saying that I have it mastered, I'm just trying to live it out. Not everyone gets to be married to their best friend and is blessed with the joy of parenting amazing children.
So, basically I am a little emotional/sentimental tonight. I am sitting in a hospital room listening to my son breath in and breath out. I find myself begging God for healing and nourishment for my little mans body. This hospital stay has given me time to reflect upon the blessings of being first a child of God, second an incredibly blessed wife, and of course the luckiest momma in the world. Thank you Lord for blessing my life far more than I could of ever hoped or imagined! Oh yeah, and could you make sure my little man is feeling like a million bucks in a few days so we can go get our precious little girl?


Nicole said...

oh heather. what an amazing post. thank you for sharing your thoughts and prayers. it has been one amazing ride for you and the fab 5 this summer. do i hear a new blog name coming soon???

chrisanna said...

Great post Heather! God has blessed you in miraculous ways. I love to be able to live life together with you and your family. We cherish every moment we have with you guys. It's amazing to experience the joy that comes from a relationship with God, a godly marriage, and being able to be a mom. What a wonderful life! We're praying for you this week. :)