Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy B-day Cassi and Chris!!

I love/hate this day! I love celebrating you two, I just don't want you to get any older!
My life would be so boring with out you! You are definitely the life of the party! There is never a dull moment when you are around. I am so thankful that you always keep me on my toes! I love that you are such a girlie girl, but at the same time love animals and the outdoors. Your pink fingernails w/ dirt constantly under them shed a lot of light about you. I love to cook w/ you, and am so thankful I never have to cook dinner alone. You are my little, "Cooker." I also enjoy your artwork all around our house and my classroom. You are quite a talented artist! I am thankful that you are sensitive to the needs of those around you. I have seen you mature in this area a lot recently. Your smile makes my heart happy! I am so glad that you come to see me everyday at recess. I know the main reason you come is to get a snack, but I am happy to see you just the same.

Oh how I love my tenderhearted boy. Your kindness and compassion toward others is very evident. Your smile still melts my heart every time. I love to watch you play sports or any athletic activity. Your skill amazes me, but more than that your effort is amazing! You are one determined young man! One of my favorite parts of the day is when you read to me. I love that time with you, and am so impressed at how incredible you are doing. I am so glad you still want me to come see you at lunch each day at school. I love to watch you interact w/ your friends and hear a little about your day! You are an excellent helper to me!

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